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Dude it took me so fucking long to complete this

Under a cut ‘cause it’s long

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steve: hey bucky, can you lend me a hand?
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how to use a ouija board

  • don’t

for real tho how would you like it if you were a spirit. minding your own business. doing spirity things. and a bunch of teenagers bug you to ask you shit like “does justin have a crush on any of us”. like who the fuck is justin. why should you care. you do not care. you are trying to peacefully spend your afterlife as best you can. fuck that board. fuck those kids. fuck justin


it’s just so amazing how nobody could figure out who had the rights to quicksilver so they both announced he was gonna be in their movies and it was like a game of chicken that went horribly wrong


"you choose your favourite character because they remind you of yourself"




steve and bucky making up random stories from their past and convincing the other avengers that it actually happened (◡‿◡✿)


I want a movie about a guy who runs for president and wins but then suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to be president, so he just starts doing ridiculous things all the time trying to get impeached, but it NEVER WORKS because they always miraculously end up being the right thing to do. Like, he declares war on Canada? Next day it turns out that Canada had secret plans to nuke Washington. he bans Doritos? Turns out theyr’e the number one cause of cancer and natural disasters. He sends his vice president to jail? Turns out the VP was a terrorist in disguise. He has 100% approval rating, most popular president ever.


[looks fondly at character]

ah, there he is. that motherfucker. what a tool


if i was trapped inside a room filled with explosives and the only way out was to eat a whole tomato i would die